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We help our clients with their planned events by adding elements that make the events more memorable.

As an ideas generator we help professional and competent in-house marketing teams come up with great ideas to further enhance their brand. We provide the below marketing services.

Zebra Insights is a specialist platform based in Hong Kong with global reach. Our clients are banks, big asset managers, large consulting firms, and law firms. We connect senior executives and experts who are experienced and interesting speakers with our client events. These speakers are typically c-suite level and share ideas, major trends and deep insights for clients’ events, conferences and roundtables.

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Our sommeliers will take care of everything for you – from preparation, wine selection to a fluid service at your event. We also organize innovative wine tastings and wine pairings to offering a fresh spin on wine dinners.

Beyond wine tastings and wine dinners, we can offer highly unique Food & Beverage experiences:

• Belgian craft beer tasting and artisan chocolate experiences with The Artist
• Live singing and food pairing
• Wet market tour with a chef, then learn to cook your fresh ingredients
• Whisky and dry aged beef pairing
• Networking cocktails with street art
• Peruvian Cantonese cuisine experience
• Bourbon pairing with cigars
• Artisan soy sauce tasting
• Popcorn and Italian wine pairing
• Technology aided multisensory dining

We partner with a female musical duo – DJ vocalist & saxophone player. They have joined together to create a unique blend of soulful vocals and hip saxophone lines all over a funky beat.   Playing a variety of styles from Pop, Latin, Jazz, Dance and R&B, our duo can create the right groove for any corporate event.  From chill out lounge, to dancing the night away, this powerful ensemble sets the mood for a great night.

Ideal for: large corporate events (e.g. annual dinners) and casual corporate events (e.g. outdoor afternoon BBQ for clients)

Is your firm looking to surprise your guests at your next corporate event?

Live illustrations of your VIP guests in the French style by sketch artists enliven your event and make for great corporate gifts.

Relevant for:

  • VIP client corporate events
  • Large annual dinners
  • Product launches
  • Retirement portraits for all colleagues to sign
  • Customised Christmas & Chinese New Year cards with personalised name on each
  • Corporate anniversary parties

Our partner brings clarity, purpose & agility from the masters of adaptation to leaders around the world. Taking inspiration from nomadic & indigenous communities, they run disruptive and creative programs to help companies unlock the wisdom & passion within their teams. From 2-day project kick-off meetings to ongoing transformation support, they introduce an innovative and refreshing way of looking at your leadership & strategy.

Benefits: helps build agile & change-ready organizations using simple, creative strategies

Model: one day workshop, or recurring sessions over months/quarters to review progress and outcomes

Relevant for:
• HR requiring change-related workshop for the company leadership
• Head of sales for their sales team strategy buy-in
• CEO for their leadership team to buy into a new direction or a new strategy

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ZEBRA BRANDING™ is a multinational company headquartered in Hong Kong. We have grown substantially to serve clients around the world. We focus on three things: products, events and ideas. We take a new approach to corporate gifts and marketing services, providing unique and innovative products combined with your communication strategy. We think like you do and propose more relevant solutions.

Why Zebra?
The Zebra Branding™ name stems from our understanding of our client projects: highly customised and unique, where no two projects are exactly alike. Much like a human fingerprint, a zebra’s stripes come in different patterns that are distinctly unique to the individual - no two zebras have the same set of stripes just the way you and I don’t have the same thumb prints. We know our clients are distinctly unique and don’t want commonplace solutions that will collect dust.

Zebras are highly intelligent animals. In addition to superb eyesight and excellent hearing, zebras also have acute senses of smell and taste. We take the same approach to business - a strong understanding of the environment and a unique approach to every project, based on our clients' corporate values and brand identity.

Zebra Branding™ - we understand how unique those stripes are. That is our strength and your advantage in working with us.
Our culture

We are renowned for our customer service and take great pride in the quality of our work and the strength of our relationships. We are committed to performing at the speed, accuracy and the overall quality that our clients require. We never settle or compromise.

Our integrity

We treat each of our client relationships as a partnership. We take a teamwork approach among our colleagues and our clients to find the right solutions for their events. We tie our reputation to that of our clients’ and only succeed when our clients succeed.

Our quality

We are committed to remaining ahead of the market and continue to invest heavily in uncovering the most impactful and cost effective gifts as well as cutting-edge products and quality control processes.

Our structure

We are privately-equity held, with a significant portion of the company owned by management and employees. On all levels, this business means more to our team than it does to our competitors.

Our experience

Our team has a unique understanding of the markets we serve and what it takes to service you and make your life easy.

Our talent

We employ the most knowledgeable, forward-thinking, creative and client-focused people in the industry.

Why Zebra Branding™?
















Easy to work with

Easy to work with

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Our Mission

To produce the most memorable and unique corporate communication tools by working closely with our clients, constantly innovating, and having a passion for what we do.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We partner with different charities and hire their pick-and-pack services, which provides employment opportunities for the disabled and provides income for the charities.

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